Technical Service Company BOR-POL

Technical Service Company BOR-POL is engaged upon works interrelated with production, installing and repair of power devices, such as: Regeneration/recuperation heaters, oil containers, pipelines. Moreover, our company performs anticorrosion coating protection on steel constructions (anticorrosion metallization - flame metal spraying, paint coats)


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Our company manufactures, repairs and installs electric power equipment. This equipment includes (among other items):
   - heat exchangers (steam condensers,
     regeneration/recuperation heaters etc.),
   - tanks,
   - process pipelines;

Bor-pol is licensed by the Office of Technical Inspection (UDT) (holding the following UDT certificates: UC-09-87-N/2-11, UC-09-87-M/2-11, UC-09-87-E/2-11) to carry out the above-mentioned projects. One of the operations we perform within the projects described, is replacement and installation of tubes in tube sheets. This is obtained by expanding-by-rolling of tubes installed in tube sheets holes. For this special process Bor-Pol uses modern, computer-controlled equipment. In addition, our company provides the services of carrying out corrosion protection coatings of steel structures, including paint coats and metal spraying.

In 1996 Bor-Pol started a cooperation with Siemens Company. The cooperation has been lasting up to present day, whereas Bor-Pol has now gained the qualified supplier status and is high rated in the worldwide ranking of Siemens suppliers. The following electric power equipment is supplied to Siemens in the form of welded steel structures including or excluding mechanical working:
   - steam condensers and individual device subassemblies, including compensators,
   - low pressure turbine inner and outer casings,
   - steam outlets for low pressure turbines,
   - generator housings, etc.

Since 2001 our company possesses the Quality Management System – ISO 9002 in the beginning, actually ISO 9001/2008.

In 2009, we have expanded our operations to tube sheet & support plates drilling for steam condensers and other devices using multi-spindle drilling machine with operating space 6500 x 4750 mm, possibility to drill up to 300mm thick plates, and adjustable spindle speed range from 0 to 3000 rpm.

We have the possibility of drilling in materials from ferrous and nonferrous metals & alloys. Thanks to high-class professional drilling tools we offer to our clients the product in line with expectations.

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Technical Service Company
BOR-POL Sp. z o.o.
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