Technical Service Company BOR-POL

Technical Service Company BOR-POL is engaged upon works interrelated with production, installing and repair of power devices, such as: Regeneration/recuperation heaters, oil containers, pipelines. Moreover, our company performs anticorrosion coating protection on steel constructions (anticorrosion metallization - flame metal spraying, paint coats)



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Services including sandblasting and anticorrosion protection:

- kondensatorów (skraplaczy)
          - steam condensers
          - coolers
          - oil coolers
          - preheaters
          - pipelines
          - conveyors
          - cooling towers
          - barriers & handrails
          - trestles


Corrosion protection methods used by our company:

- metalizacja
          - metallisation
          - epoxy coatings
          - composite


Refits of preheaters and steam condensers:

- przygotowanie wymienników do rewizji UDT
          - preparation of exchangers for technical inspections
          - re-tubing (exchange of tubes – normal & u-tubes)e
          - modernisation
          - expanding of tubes
          - fabrication and assembly of compensators


Fabrication of new heat exchangers


Current repairs and modernisations:

- wymiany krat podestowych
          - exchange of grating platforms
          - exchange of rubber compensators and dumpers on pipelines
          - refits and reviews on oil coolers
          - exchange of valve
          - cleaning of channels and cleaning works
          - refits of platforms
          - refits of air compressors
          - refits of pumping stations , compressors, etc.


Drilling of tube sheets and support plates:

- wiertarka pionowa MPN 1-40 CNC
          - drilling machine MPN 1-40 CNC
          - workspace 4750 x 6500 mm
          - depth of drilling up to 300 mm
          - drilling of cylindrical and grooved holes

Technical Service Company
BOR-POL Sp. z o.o.
ul. Pilsudskiego 21, 32-620 Brzeszcze
Regional Court of Justice in Cracow XII Economic Dept. KRS0000064613, Initial Capital: 1.250.000,00 PLN